The furry inspiration behind Titan Coffee Co.

    When Drew Maranto walked out of an animal shelter with Titan, his mocha-colored husky/shepherd mix, in 2015, he felt a change in himself. Three years later, that change would materialize with the launch of Maranto’s new business, Titan Coffee Co., named in honor of his dog.

    “I had never had a pet before, so it was crazy to me how fast he truly became a part of the family,” explains Maranto, who works a nine-to-five job. “I always say that my dog inspired me to start my business, and that is because I wanted it to be our thing that we have together.”

    Maranto soon settled on coffee as the subject of his side business, calling the choice a natural one. Just like Titan brings friends, families and strangers together, so does the simple act of grabbing a cup of coffee.

    “In my job, it’s pretty common for us to have meetings over a cup of coffee,” he explains, noting the name Titan means strong, making it a perfect moniker for a coffee brand since no one wants a weak cup of coffee. “It’s a connection you can quickly make with someone.”

    Moreover, the business of coffee seemed like one that Maranto could keep up with in odd hours between daily work and business trips. After finding a local wholesale roaster, Titan Coffee Co. was up and going.

    “When I started this company, I wanted to keep it local,” says the entrepreneur that will personally deliver coffee to local buyers. “That has always been very important to me. I wanted to keep it in the community.”

    Now selling his locally roasted and custom-blended product at places like Alexander’s Highland Market, as well as at pop-up shops and online, Maranto says the business and his journey to where it is now are deeply personal and speak to both his love for his south Louisiana home and the passionate partnership he has with his four-legged co-owner.

    “It’s amazing what our pets do for us daily that we sometimes don’t notice at all,” Maranto writes on his website. “He showed me how to be a better person and has continued to teach me many valuable lessons.” 

    This story originally ran in the July issue of inRegister magazine. 

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