Roundup: Edwards briefing / Marc Sternberg / Consumer prices

    Wrap-up: Gov. John Bel Edwards will hold a media briefing today about the 2021 legislative session shortly after the session adjourns at 6 p.m.  Edwards is scheduled to speak about 30 minutes after adjournment. Watch his speech here

    Education investment: Baton Rouge’s Marc Sternberg, director of the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 education program, is resigning from his role to start an independent K-12-focused investment fund. With the assistance of a $200 million contribution from the Walton family, Sternberg is launching A-Street Ventures, an investment fund that will seed and scale innovative K-12 student learning and achievement solutions for students, families, and schools. See the announcement

    Inflation: American consumers absorbed another surge in prices in May—a 0.6% increase over April and 5% over the past year, the biggest 12-month inflation spike since 2008. The May rise in consumer prices that the Labor Department reported this morning reflected a range of goods and services now in growing demand as people increasingly shop, travel, dine out and attend entertainment events in a rapidly reopening economy. See the report.