Nonprofit acquires Plank Road site for new health care facility in north Baton Rouge

    The Baton Rouge Primary Care Collaborative, a 16-year-old nonprofit organization, has acquired a 3.32-acre tract at 7077 Plank Road near Harding Boulevard and plans to develop a 12,000-square-foot, full-purpose medical facility on the site.

    BRPCC acquired the vacant property from the Maurice and Eunice Lion Trust for $180,000 in a deal that closed earlier this month. Will Chadwick of Elifin Realty represented the buyer and the seller in the transaction.

    BRPCC plans to break ground on the new facility in 2020, furthering its mission to increase access to high-quality, comprehensive health care services for underserved populations.

    The sale comes just weeks after Build Baton Rouge, the parish redevelopment agency, unveiled a master plan for the redevelopment of the Plank Road corridor. Though the planned health care facility will be near Howell Place, a successful mixed-use development, and a couple of miles north of the most blighted areas of Plank targeted for redevelopment in the Build Baton Rouge plan, the project will enhance the overall revitalization efforts along the corridor, says Mathew Laborde of Elifin Realty.

    “I think, just like Government Street, when you have a lot of organizations focusing on a specific corridor there is a compounding effect,” he says. “So when you start to put the focus of the community on a corridor, which right now is Plank, it gets people excited about it and taking a look at it, whereas maybe before it wouldn’t have crossed their radar.” 

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