Louisiana ranks 49th for concentration of tech employment

    With only 4.1% of Louisiana workers employed in the technology fields, the state is ranked 49th nationally in the percentage of the workforce in the sector, according to CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2019, a guide to the tech sector and tech workforce analytics.

    Despite the low new economy ranking, the state fares better—though not great—in other metrics in the report.

    With 83,599 tech industry and occupation employees, Louisiana ranks 32nd in net tech employment, though the industry did add more than 755 jobs last year, a 1.5% increase from 2017.

    When it comes to salaries, median tech occupation wage here falls just below $66,000—while 82% higher than Louisiana’s overall median wage it falls well below the national median of $81,900.

    The state also saw a 73% spike in emerging technologies jobs, which includes working with biotechnology and artificial intelligence, roughly in line with the national average of 74%. Finally, the report ranks Louisiana 32nd in innovation and 40th in net tech employment jobs added.

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