How to deal with office rookies who ask for the world

    New hires have little patience with entry-level tasks and after only a year on the job, more young employees are approaching their managers for a promotion, asking, “All right, I’m ready. What’s next?” The trend is leaving some managers taken aback, wondering, “Who do these rookies think they are?”

    As The Wall Street Journal reports, more than 75% of Gen Z members believe they should be promoted in their first year on the job. Employers see similar patterns among younger millennials in their late 20s and early 30s. But young employees who push too hard risk derailing their careers by projecting a sense of entitlement.

    The trend has managers scrambling to manage young employees’ expectations without driving them out the door. Many are finding new ways to respond, by carving out step-by-step career paths for restless new hires, or handing out new titles or small bonuses.

    “Historically, the company taps you when they think you’re ready. Today, it’s, ‘What nifty promotion do you have for me?’” says Ruben Moreno, who leads the human-resources practice in Knoxville, Tennessee, for Blue Rock Search Group. He now presents new hires with specific, step-by-step career paths, and meets with them at least quarterly to talk about their careers. Read the full story.


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