How Microsoft’s CEO runs a meeting 

    “Ugh, another meeting. Can’t I just get some work done?”

    Raise your hand if you haven’t said that at one point or another? Researchers estimate companies waste hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity due to poorly organized meetings.

    On the other hand, if done right, a 10-minute meeting can save dozens of emails, prevent major miscommunication, and even give birth to wonderful ideas and solutions. 

    This is why, Inc. writes, it pays to examine the meeting style of successful business leaders—like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who recently shared his three-rule method for better meetings:

    1. Listen more. Listening to your team helps provide an environment where one they feel comfortable expressing their ideas, and sharing their problems and even their mistakes. This is valuable data that will help you guide your team in the most effective way possible.

    2. Talk less. You can talk less by asking more questions, not rambling, drawing out quieter members by asking for their opinion, and staying on time. If you find you talk too much, ask yourself how important it is to the overall message of the meeting. Biting your tongue can make the meeting more efficient. 

    3. Be decisive when the time comes. Remember, it’s great to talk less and listen more, but that won’t get you anywhere if you don’t assign tasks and follow through. 

    Read the full story from Inc. about running more successful meetings. 

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