Gas prices are dropping as refineries add to stockpiles 

    Pending a hurricane, it might get a lot cheaper to drive to LSU and Southern college football games across the southern U.S. this fall, Houston Chronicle reports

    GasBuddy fuels analyst Patrick DeHaan tells the paper about 100 of the nation’s 150,000 gas stations have regular unleaded below $2 per gallon this week, and that number could peak at around 25,000 this fall—roughly 15% of all gas stations—absent a change in the market.

    AAA said in a note Thursday that the South and Southeast have the potential for $2-per-gallon retail gasoline in the next few months with U.S. refineries running hard and crude getting cheaper. That’s on top of waning end-of-summer demand and a shift to a cheaper blend of winter gasoline.

    The auto club placed the national average retail price at $2.60 per gallon, down from $2.83 a year ago. It sees the national average falling to $2.40 this fall.

    Refinery runs have added to stockpiles and cut support. U.S. refinery utilization has increased 6 percentage points since May 17 to 95.9% in the week ending August 16, Energy Information Administration data showed. Read the full story.   


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