Flexibility more important than ‘work-life balance’

    So what’s the one thing that’s better than work-life balance? Flexibility. 

    That’s according to FastCompany, which writes despite what you might think, the way we execute “flexibility” and “work-life balance” is surprisingly narrow. As long as you get your work done, you don’t need to have kids to want to take off early. By the same token, if you want to burn the midnight oil in the office working on a project, you can.

    Similar to learning styles (visual, auditory, physical, and verbal), everyone has a different preferred workflow: some people like to arrive early and leave early, some take a long lunch, some prefer to come late and stay late, some work around the clock and then take much-deserved breaks.

    In a nutshell: No one’s priority is more important. In the working world, they should all be weighted equally, and they should all factor into how we define flexible hours and work-life balance.

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