Secretary of state blames elections stalemate on Gov. John Bel Edwards  

    Republican Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin says voters won’t have extra days and extended hours for early voting for the Nov. 3 presidential election, blaming Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards for rejecting his emergency election plan, The News Star reports

    But in reality, a federal judge will ultimately determine how Louisiana conducts its Nov. 3 and Dec. 5 elections during the COVID-19 emergency declaration and the steps Ardoin will be required to take.

    Edwards rejected Ardoin’s emergency election plan because it rolled back most of the COVID-related exceptions that had expanded absentee mail-in voting options for the July 11 and Aug. 15 elections.

    While Ardoin conceded his new plan isn’t ideal, he says he lacked Republican support in the Legislature to keep all of the previous COVID exemptions in place.  

    Instead, his new plan offered only an additional exception for someone who tests positive for the infection during and after early voting but before Election Day. An emergency plan requires the approval of the full Legislature and the governor. Read the full story.