‘225 Dine:’ Favorite food cart opens brick and mortar

    The Taqueria Don Beto food cart in Gonzales has a cult-like following—and the long lunch lines that come with it—but in early January, the owners opened a brick-and-mortar location fondly named Taqueria Don Beto 2.

    As 225 reports, the new restaurant is one of the first businesses to open in the Canon Crossing center on Burnside Avenue, just off Airline Highway in Gonzales. Don Beto 2, like its predecessor, doesn’t waste time on elaborate decorations. But the funky, bright orange walls and simple table settings pair perfectly with the stand out food.

    The menu—written in Spanish and English—is split into two sections. First, $11 authentic Mexican meals like Caldo de Res (beef soup) and Tlayuda (a pizza-like dish on a baked tortilla), then items such as street tacos, quesadillas and burritos ranging from $2 to $8.50. The restaurant also has daily specials and makes two stews on the weekends, including the colorful and hearty pozole.

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