PHISHING THE INBOX: Help employees recognize harmful emails before they damage your systems

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Each day, hackers are getting smarter and more creative. More than ever, phishing attempts have the appearance of being legitimate communication. Attacks are now tailored to specific organizations— even targeting individual departments—with the intention of making them more believable. The good news is that there are ways to protect your business from employees making mistakes that will cost you. 

CMA provides tech solutions, strategic consultants, and creative thinkers to streamline every aspect of IT in their clients’ business. CMA Technology Solutions understands emerging technology trends and shared some of the benefits of implementing user awareness training to keep your systems safe.


With all of the security products on the market, malicious emails will still get through and employees will still click links they shouldn’t. These dangerous emails can often look legitimate, but implementing user awareness security training enables employees to better recognize what is real and what is actually a phishing attempt. CMA recommends implementing user awareness training to keep your business safe.

Training benefits employees both professionally and personally. Threats don’t just come in through business email accounts. Often, there are phishing attempts through personal email accounts asking for banking information or other personal data. Implementing user awareness security training will help your employees recognize threats, both professionally and personally. Just one employee clicking on a malicious email can cost your business thousands of dollars. Attacks can result in loss of data, sales and productivity. Requiring your employees to go through user awareness security training can save your business both time and money.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to protecting your business from security threats, and CMA can help. Click here to schedule a consultation and get an expert opinion on the state of your technology.