Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center: Helping patients achieve ‘balance’ in their lives

A patient performs dynamic balance activities on a moving platform with the support of the SoloStep overhead rails system.

Imagine that one day you are strong, healthy and independent … and suddenly, you begin to experience bouts of dizziness when you get up from a chair or wake up in the morning. Imagine that you lose your balance at unexpected moments and can no longer perform everyday activities. The problem could be vestibular dysfunction and the solution could be Fyzical of Baton Rouge.

The vestibular system is the brain’s “balance center.” It relies heavily on the inner ear, which tells an individual where and how his head is oriented in space. Those with vestibular disorders often experience imbalance, dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, or sensations of moving, spinning and swaying. These feelings can last for seconds, hours or even years, and they greatly diminish a patient’s quality of life. Symptoms can be caused by injuries, advanced age or neurological disorders. Lately, there has been a surge of patients who have experienced these problems following recovery from COVID-19.

(From left) Lance Angelle, PT, DPT, and Amy Moore, PT, DPT.

Such patients are often referred to Fyzical, according to Clinic Director Amy Moore, who was instrumental in equipping the gym and developing its customized treatment programs. “My mother had inner ear problems in her 50s and it was no way to live,” she says. “She went from being dizzy and unsteady, to falling, to no longer being able to work or even drive. I wanted to help her and others like her by getting to the root of the problem.” PTs who perform vestibular therapy require an extra certification, and Fyzical has three certified therapists, including Moore.

Fyzical opened its doors in 2019 and is owned by the physicians of Louisiana Ear, Nose, Throat and Sinus (LENTS). They identified a missing link among their patients who were being treated for inner ear and neurological issues—but failed to recover completely. They knew the missing link was vestibular in nature, and Fyzical addressed the problem.

The facility includes floating platforms, a 110-foot overhead track and harness system, treadmills, and much more. It also houses the Bertec Computerized Dynamic Posturography system, which uses immersive virtual reality and a computerized moving platform to diagnose and treat balance and mobility impairments. Therapy can last anywhere from a few visits to a few months, and is completely customized to the individual.

“We have a true partnership with the ENT physicians,” Moore says. “They really care about their patients, and they value the skills and knowledge of the physical therapists. They understand where we fit into the puzzle and they give us the freedom and flexibility to make sure Fyzical is the best facility of its kind in Baton Rouge. Together, with our physicians and audiologists, we make sure that our patients have the best possible outcomes.” Fyzical is located at 5258 Dijon Dr. in Baton Rouge. For more information, call 225.256.3828 or visit www.fyzical.com/baton-rouge.