Current customers help Moxey raise $400,000 via crowdfunding: Investment opportunity now open to the public, sponsored by Liquid Ventures

Over 1,000 Baton Rouge area businesses are members of a local Moxey community.

Sponsored by Liquid Ventures

 Most businesses face the same core challenges: the need for new customers and better access to capital. Moxey helps solve both problems. An idea started in Baton Rouge over 20 years ago by PartnersOne has become a fast-growing FinTech with global ambitions.

Moxey provides a unique solution to an old problem. According to President Charlie Davis, “The majority of the companies in the world participate in some form of barter transactions. We’ve developed several innovative ways to make barter more profitable, more enjoyable, and more scalable.”  Moxey is building a lending platform, gift card network and unique payment system. According to Davis, a nation-wide barter network is just the first step, not the end goal. “Barter is the oldest form of commerce and therefore the best market entry point for a new digital community currency and a lending platform for small and medium sized businesses.”

What is crowdfunding and how do you get in on the action?

Crowdfunding opportunities were recently created by the federal government as a way to let retail investors benefit from investing in hot startups. Prior to these changes, only the wealthiest Americans were able to invest in companies like Google, Facebook, Bumble and Nextdoor before an IPO on a public stock exchange. “Equity Crowdfunding allows all Americans to invest alongside wealthy angel investors and venture capitalists. Now anyone, anywhere, can invest in businesses they believe in like Moxey,” said Moxey’s president and CEO Charlie Davis.

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Corey Tisdale, co-founder of BBQGuys, has joined Moxey’s Board of Advisors. According to Tisdale, “With the network that Moxey has in place regionally and their successful systematic approach to connecting companies and their owners with capital and resources in a deliberate and collaborative way, the structure is there to grow exponentially. This will help small business owners stabilize and scale up as they are able with more customers and inventories that are making a profit, not liabilities.”
“Corey’s ability to spot opportunities and plan for the unexpected is incredible,” said Moxey President and CEO Charlie Davis. “We’re grateful that Corey has identified Moxey’s massive potential and look forward to working with him.”

Tax credits for Angel Investors

Moxey is certified a Louisiana Entrepreneurial Businesses (LEB) and accredited investors will get a 25% refundable tax credit thanks to Louisiana’s Angel Investor Tax Credits (AITC). The AITC encourages accredited investors to contribute during the early stages of companies like Moxey, and other small wealth-creating Louisiana businesses, that seek startup and expansion capital.

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Moxey’s platform gives small business owners access to an interest-free line of credit while driving new customer acquisition. With crowdfunding, even a small investment can earn a piece of the action. Potential investors only have a few more days to invest as this round is scheduled to end April 30, 2021. Click here to learn more.

Potential investors only have a few more days to invest as this round is scheduled to end April 30, 2021. Click here to learn more and invest in Moxey.