Roundup: Shorts to work? / The worst apps for privacy / Lost medals returned to veterans

    Sweltering: A recent heatwave has professionals in London wearing shorts to their offices, breaking an age-old taboo, The Wall Street Journal reports. At British department store John Lewis, sales of its men’s chino shorts jumped 87% last week from the week before, but the trend is downright appalling for some loyal suit-wearers. Read the full story and weigh in on today’s Daily Report poll. 

    Don’t download: Apple has a better reputation than some tech firms for respecting users’ privacy, but that doesn’t mean every app you download is same way, Inc. reports. These seven iPhone apps are the worst offenders when it comes to collecting your data: Facebook, most flashlight apps (you have one built in, by the way), most weather apps, Google Maps, DoorDash, and Siri. Read the full story for how these apps can invade privacy and why.  

    Lost and found: Louisiana’s treasury department will try to locate veterans and their families to return lost military medals. The agency already was the custodian of other unclaimed property, such as dollars from old savings accounts, payroll checks, stocks, insurance proceeds, oil royalty payments and utility deposits, but under a new law that took effect this month, military medals will be added to the list.  


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