Roundup: Port Royal Lounge closing / Amazon ends restaurant delivery / Wholesale prices report

    Last call: Port Royal Lounge announced it is closing Aug. 3, after 18 years of business. The dive bar—located in a rebuilt space adjoining the Waffle House on College Drive—is owned by Tom Ange, who also owns The Lost Cove, formerly known as Smuggler’s Cove, off Essen Lane. “Waffle House has decided not to renew our lease agreement so we are faced with no other choice,” reads a statement posted Monday night on the bar’s Facebook page. As of press time, the post received 113 reactions, 11 shares and 52 comments from patrons lamenting the bar’s closure. Ange could not be reached for further comment before this morning’s deadline.

    Shutdown: Amazon is shuttering its restaurant delivery service Amazon Restaurants in the U.S., putting an end to a four-year experiment that sought to compete with the likes of Grubhub, Uber Eats and Waitr, but failed to gain much traction, The Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon said it would discontinue the service on June 24 and that the small number of employees who made up the division have found new roles within the company or will be provided assistance with finding new positions. Read the full story  

    Price check: U.S. wholesale prices rose just 0.1% in May month, another sign that inflation remains under control. The Labor Department says the increase last month in its producer price index, which measures inflation pressures before they reach consumers, was half April’s 0.2% increase. The entire gain in May came from a 0.3% increase in the wholesale price of services. Goods prices fell 0.2%. Read the full report.

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