Roundup: House rejects ticket idea / Self-storage facility sold / Chevron cedes to Occidental  

    No tickets: Louisiana’s governor and lieutenant governor won’t be elected jointly, after the House rejected the constitutional amendment that would have the state’s top two offices chosen on a ticket, like the president and vice president. Opponents questioned if the change would expand the governor’s power and grow partisanship. Only 36 lawmakers supported the idea Wednesday, but the motion needed 70 votes, to reach the Senate. Read the full story.  

    Deal: George Moore Jr. and Linda Davis Moore sold their Metro Mini Storage facility in Baker, on Plank Road, to Colorado-based Red Dot Storage for $2 million, according to sales documents. Red Dot entered the Baton Rouge-area market in March after buying a storage facility location on Foster Drive. The Baker facility is the company’s 17th Louisiana location.

    Folding: Chevron won’t increase its buyout offer for Anadarko, ending a potential bidding war with Occidental Petroleum. Occidental challenged Chevron’s initial bid last month, offering about $57 billion in cash and stock, including debt and book value of non-controlling interest. Chevron’s offer was worth about $50 billion by the same metric. Read the full story.

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