Roundup: Food label bill / Sales tax rewrite / Poet laureate  

    Clearly defined: Food manufacturers selling products such as “cauliflower rice” could face new labeling restrictions in Louisiana, under a bill in the Legislature. The Senate voted 34-0 Monday for a “truth in labeling” measure that adds protections for meat, rice and sugar producers. The bill will now go to the House. Sen. Francis Thompson, a Delhi Democrat, says he wants to ensure consumers know what they’re buying. Read a Daily Report story about similar legislation regarding “milk” products here.

    A taxing process: Republican lawmakers seeking to rework or repeal the Louisiana sales tax compromise passed last year seem unlikely to gain traction in the Senate, where the tax committee on Monday shot down the first proposal to reach debate. The Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee voted 5-3 against a measure by Shreveport Republican Sen. Barrow Peacock to steer some of the 0.45% state sales tax approved in 2018 to road and bridge work in the future. Other GOP proposals seeking to eliminate the 0.45% tax entirely would have to pass through the same committee. Read the full story.  

    Poetic: Mayor Sharon Weston Broome has launched a search for the city’s first poet laureate who will represent Baton Rouge through outreach, programs, teaching, and written work. The mayor’s office will announce the poet laureate at an event on May 7 at the Goodwood Library.   

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