Roundup: Felon registration drive / Bill signing ceases /  Beach closures continue 

    On tour: A movement to register an estimated 36,000 to 40,000 formerly incarcerated felons is making its way across Louisiana this week to raise awareness of the restoration of their voting rights, The Daily Advertiser reports. This October will mark the first major election that re-enfranchised persons will be able to vote. Read the full story. 

    Until next year (maybe): Gov. John Bel Edwards has made decisions on every bill from this year’s legislative session that reached his desk, signing all but six of them into law. The Democratic governor’s office released his final bill decisions last night, announcing Edwards signed Louisiana’s construction budget and a companion financing measure passed June 6 in the final hours of the legislative session. Before signing the construction budget into law, Edwards stripped $18 million in projects from the legislation with a line-item veto. Since he took office in 2016, Edwards has taken action, either through signature or veto, on every bill that’s crossed his desk.

    Bad timing: Additional beaches have been deemed unsafe in Mississippi and Louisiana as Harmful Algae Bloom expands slowly east, WREG-TV reports. The latest closures include most of Gulfport, Mississippi. At least a dozen beaches are now closed in Mississippi, more than a dozen in Louisiana have been placed under advisories, and more than a dozen bacteria alerts have been issued in Texas. Read the full story.

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