Roundup: Damage assessments / Mississippi seeks seafood aid / Consumers borrowing

    Flood damage: City-parish government is receiving numerous reports of damage as a result of the heavy wind and rain that pummeled Baton Rouge on Thursday. Mayor Sharon Weston Broome is encouraging the community to help gather more damage reports. Citizens can report any weather-related property damage by going here. The parish has set an initial deadline of Monday, June 17, for the submission of damage assessment forms.

    Spoiled seafood: Mississippi’s governor is asking the federal government to declare a fisheries disaster after the unprecedented second opening of the Bonnet Carré spillway last month. The freshwater from the river that streams through Lake Pontchartrain and into the Mississippi Sound is bad for oysters, shrimp, crabs and other saltwater-loving seafood. Read the full story.  

    Debt report: Consumer borrowing accelerated in April to the fastest pace in five months as a rebound in credit card use offset slower demand for auto and student loans. Borrowing increased by $17.5 billion, the Federal Reserve said Friday. Borrowing on credit cards increased by $7 billion after having fallen by $2 billion in March. Borrowing for auto and student loans slowed to an increase of $10.5 billion, down from $13 billion in March. It’s the smallest advance since last June. Read the full report.  

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