Port of Greater Baton Rouge to receive $20M for railway project

    Gov. John Bel Edwards—joined by officials from the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and Louis Dreyfus Company—committed Louisiana capital outlay funds to complete a $20 million rail project that will enhance transfers of corn, grain, soybeans and other commodities from farmers to export vessels at the port in West Baton Rouge Parish.

    The state’s funding commitment will complete a critical project bringing four rail tracks deeper into port property to serve the Louis Dreyfus Company Port Allen Elevator facility, one of the largest grain elevators on the Mississippi River. The railway extension is one of several, multi-million dollar rail infrastructure projects the port is currently overseeing to expand commodity shipments for current and future tenants.  

    LDC’s site, with approximately 80 employees, ships agricultural commodities overseas at a volume of about 5 million to 6 million metric tons per year. The $20 million rail project will speed delivery, shipment and volume of the commodities, especially at times of high and low stages on the Mississippi River.

    High river stages at the port interfere with barge offloading, requiring companies like LDC to transfer commodities to the elevator facility with additional equipment at a slower pace. The option to deliver commodities via rail will benefit producers and the customer.

    Operating as the major grain logistics tenant at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge since 2011, LDC has completed over $200 million in capital spending improvements at its Port Allen Elevator facilities. Read the full announcement.  


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