LSU North Gates property up for rezoning

    Tyler Hood is asking the Planning Commission to rezone a West Chimes Street building he owns to allow for alcohol sales.

    Hood—whose family owns The Chimes, a nearby restaurant and bar—purchased the building, nestled between Studio 126 and Geauld Tiger’s, at the end of October. Saying he likes the location because of its proximity to LSU, Hood wants the rezoning to widen the pool of possible tenants for the space. Given the building formerly housed Po Boy Times and Chinese Combo King, a restaurant tenant makes sense, but Hood says he’s “honestly open for anything.”

    Previously, New Orleans-area restaurateur John Dublin sought to rezone the property last summer when he was considering a lease on the building. He pulled the application a week before the Planning Commission meeting.

    Down the street, renovations at The Chimes are set to finish by the end of the summer, Hood says. Construction started last summer to add a rooftop bar and dining area to the North Gates restaurant. Renovations were scheduled to finish by the end of last year, butt Hood says the design process took longer than anticipated. He declined to say how much the renovations cost.

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