Louisiana Survey: Residents support sports betting and recreational marijuana, oppose gun restrictions

    More than half of Louisiana’s residents support legalized gambling on professional sporting events, as well as legalizing small amounts of recreational marijuana, according to the sixth and final report of the 2019 Louisiana Survey.

    However, most residents oppose gun restrictions. Of the three firearm restrictions included in the survey, preventing people with mental illness from purchasing guns is the only one to receive majority support (69%). Meanwhile, 57% oppose banning the sale of assault weapons, and 61% oppose banning high capacity ammunition magazines.

    Among key findings:

    59% of state residents support legalized gambling on professional sporting events

    55% support legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use

    A majority of residents support at least one form of expanding gun rights

    59% of respondents want the state to allow the carry of concealed guns in more places

    The Louisiana Survey, a project of the Manship School’s Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs, is annually conducted by the Manship School’s Public Policy Research Lab. This year’s survey was conducted from Feb. 15 to March 7, and included 917 Louisianans aged 18 and older from across the state.

    See the full sixth installment of the Louisiana Survey.

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