Louisiana craft brewers see slump in sales

    Across the state, the future of craft brewing is hazy, NOLA.com reports. Louisiana craft beer is not going away, but there are signs of a slowdown.

    Last year, for example, six breweries did open, but four others closed. So far in 2019, one brewery has closed and none have opened.

    “I’m fearful that we are not keeping up with the rest of the states in the economics of craft breweries,” said Cary Koch, executive director of the Louisiana’s Craft Brewer’s Guild. “They’re having a boom in craft beer.”

    Koch says brewers can expect a long, difficult road to success.

    “They wear so many hats. They turn the lights on. They brew the beer. They work the taproom,” he said. “The thought of being the next Abita? It’s a longshot.’’

    Even Abita, the dean of the state’s craft breweries and the one with by far the widest reach, has seen the slump.

    “The craft market isn’t growing at all,’’ Abita Brewing Co. President David Blossman said. “But the overall beer market is in a similar or worse position than the craft market.”

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