JR Ball: State legislators should stay out of Baton Rouge’s business

    State Sen. Bodi White had the whacky idea to suggest any municipality—a fancy word for city—residing in a parish with a population above 400,000 would be exempt from pretty much any parishwide tax, new or renewed if voters in that city didn’t approve it at the ballot box.

    Fortunately, as Business Report Executive Editor JR Ball writes in his new column, White came to his legislative senses long enough to declare the bill was dead prior to arriving on some Senate committee docket, and the only parishes meeting White’s population criteria were Jefferson and East Baton Rouge.

    What White was intending was to create a situation where, for example, if a parishwide property tax manages to win approval despite being rejected by a majority of voters in Zachary or, maybe a new city of St. George, the tax would still pass but property owners in Zachary or St. George would be exempt from paying it.

    The bigger question is this, Ball Writes: Why do so many local state legislators feel the need to thrust the state into the cacophony of Baton Rouge’s political battles?

    White’s intrusion in a clearly local Baton Rouge debate is merely the most recent example, as anyone who paid even the slightest bit of attention to the Baton Rouge zoo debate will remember.

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