Growth of US tech jobs slowing 

    While U.S. companies continue to vigorously seek new workers, growth in openings for some hard-core digitalized jobs—projected to be among the most prominent work in the future economy—have sharply slowed, Axios reports. 

    The reported weakening in hiring may reflect the general U.S. economic slowdown. But, amid a 50-year low in joblessness, it also highlights the volatility of the technology industry, the most reliably vibrant part of the U.S. economy.

    Year-over-year growth in postings for occupations like data scientist, software engineer and computer scientist plunged to 9% last quarter, down from 30% in the first quarter, according to the latest Jobs of the Future index, produced by digital business services company Cognizant. 

    The tech-heavy index, which Cognizant says attempts to track emerging jobs as the new economy unfolds, has been largely flat for two straight quarters.

    The U.S. jobs boom has gone on for 105 consecutive months, including a surge of 224,000 jobs in June, keeping the unemployment rate at 3.7%, with wages up 3.1%, well above inflation.

    The fastest-growing occupations last quarter were career counselor (+326%) and fashion designers (+124%). The biggest declines were technology consultant (-39%) and genetic counselor (-22%). Read the full story.  

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