Baton Rouge acupuncturist opening in Long Farm, plans expansions

    Stewart Sommers, owner and primary practitioner at Acupuncture Wellness Center on Jefferson Highway, will on Thursday open Baton Rouge’s first Modern Acupuncture, a retail-based acupuncture franchise, in Long Farm

    Sommers had been interested in opening franchise acupuncture clinics in retail centers to increase awareness about acupuncture. Two years ago, after reading an article about Modern Acupuncture, he became impressed by the company’s process for standardizing acupuncture treatment and decided to bring the concept to Louisiana. 

    “For practitioners, it’s efficient and it’s also effective for patients,” Sommers says, adding he’s incorporated some of the practices in his own personal clinic on Jefferson.

    Sommers considered the Towne Center and Rouzan for the franchise, but says Long Farm’s timing worked out. Justin Langlois, of Stirling Properties, handled the lease. Among increasing competition with Amazon and other online retailers, brick-and-mortar shopping centers are increasingly booking medical-based clinics and businesses as tenants, Langlois says. 

    “There’s also a lot of growth in that area,” says Sommer. “Long Farm is just one slice of Baton Rouge, but it also draws people from Ascension Parish and Woman’s Hospital.”

    Sommers also opened a Lafayette location last year, and plans on further expanding in Baton Rouge as well as into the Northshore area.

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