As texting moves to the workplace, so do the awkward misfires

    In workplaces across America, the humble text message is making deep inroads. Once seen as too personal for work, the casual medium is now being embraced by companies for its speed and convenience.

    Cue a delicate social dance—and attendant social hiccups, like texting “xoxo” to your boss, The Wall Street Journal reports. Complaints range from colleagues who overshare to texts pinging on smartphones at all hours of the day and night. While email helps silo work communications, the text inbox is a more blended affair, where notes from friends and family jostle with communiqués from bosses and co-workers.

    Fans say texting for work is less cumbersome than email. Almost half of workers say they respond to texts within five minutes, according to a survey of 1,000 working adults in the U.S. conducted for Burner, a startup that helps users generate new phone numbers. Some 70% of respondents say that in the past five years at least some work matters have shifted from email to text.

    But many employees complain their phones now feel like a noisy block party—one that bosses and co-workers are crashing at all hours, including in group work text chains that ding incessantly into the night. Read the full story.

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