‘225 Dine:’ Wildwood Pizza now open in Long Farm

    Earlier this year, TripAdvisor named Wildwood Pizza in Alexandria the best pizzeria in Louisiana. Now Baton Rouge’s residents can try their pies at Wildwood’s 2,500-square-foot location which opened this week in Long Farm Village.

    Gary Perkins opened the first Wildwood Pizza in Alexandria in 2014 with his children Vivian and Garrett Perkins, and co-owner Lee Gwinn. The hope was always to expand across the state. Today, Perkins and his partners are eyeing locations in Lake Charles and elsewhere in Louisiana. Wildwood’s pizzas are cooked at 800 degrees in a traditional brick, wood-fired oven shipped straight from Italy.

    “When we opened in Alexandria, the instructions for assembling the oven were in Italian,” Perkins says.

    The eatery’s most popular pizza is “The Beast,” a classic pie made with red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy sausage, red onion, meatball and bacon. But Perkins says a close second favorite is an all-veggie pizza called “The Mediterranean.”

    When the family first decided to open Wildwood Pizza, Perkins and his son, Garrett, traveled to New York City to attend a 10-day “pizza school.” Perkins says the only thing they kept was the methodical dough recipe, but even that has changed over time.

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