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Airbnb Spanish Town

To be or not Airbnb

Whole-house short-term rentals from companies like Airbnb are creating controversy in Spanish Town and elsewhere in Baton Rouge. Regulations are coming, but it’s clear not everyone will be happy.
Water Institute

The Water Institute of the Gulf has an identity crisis

The Water Institute of the Gulf, following a public embarrassment, finds itself answering critics about its role and evolving revenue streams. Institute officials counter the only problem is one of public relations. 
grocery store

Grocery stores specialize to compete in crowded market

In the span of a typical week, Courtney Bush will often visit three, sometimes four, different supermarkets to pick up groceries for her family. She’ll...

Inside the world of CSRS

If there’s a major design, development, planning or transportation infrastructure project in south Louisiana, there’s a good chance Baton Rouge-based CSRS is involved in...

The Capital Region’s Top 100 private companies

As has been the case every year since 1995 but one, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana tops the annual rankings of Top...
eatel sean reilly kevin reilly RTC Lamar

For Sean and Kevin Reilly, buying Eatel was a family matter

In mid-October, an article appeared in a premium-membership edition of The Wall Street Journal, breaking the news that a Louisiana telecommunications company might soon...
John Paul Funes

Former Tiger Rohan Davey confirms his family named in Funes criminal case

Former LSU quarterback Rohan Davey confirmed today that his mother and sister are the Florida-based “Individuals A and B” referred to in federal court...
Jay Dardenne Flood

Dardenne: state Comite funds can’t be used to match $255M for drainage projects

As city-parish leaders try to find a source for the $2 million a year needed to match $255 million in federal funds earmarked for...

Funes to appear in court June 12

John Paul Funes, the former chief fundraiser for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, will appear in U.S. Middle District Court on...
baton rouge industrial corridor

Boom times predicted for Baton Rouge industrial corridor

The list of megaprojects breaking ground in the industrial corridor running between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is long and getting longer. While the...