A new craft brew is coming to Baton Rouge

    Another craft brewery is entering the Baton Rouge market. New Orleans-based Urban South Brewery has signed a distribution agreement with Mockler Beverage Co. and will begin distributing its drafts and packaged beer products in the Baton Rouge market within the next two weeks.

    Founder and President Jacob Landry says the brewery will initially offer Holy Roller IPA, Charming Wit, and the seasonal series Delta Momma Citra Lager—to the Capital Region. The products are currently widely available in the New Orleans, where they are brewed.

    “It’s sort of an emerging market in craft beer,” Landry says of Baton Rouge. “I think there’s a lot of opportunity.”

    Landry says Urban South will launch in Baton Rouge beginning March 20 with a beer dinner at Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar. The dinner will kick off a weeklong series of events for Urban South Brewery’s rollout in the local market.

    A bar crawl on March 22 will follow, with Urban South Brewery taking over the taps at The Bulldog at 6 p.m. and at The Chimes East at 8 p.m. A third bar will be added to the lineup, Landry says. A crawfish boil at Corporate Brew & Draft will wrap up the week.

    Landry says he and his business partner, both LSU graduates, set their sights on the Baton Rouge market about three months after opening in New Orleans last year. The  brewery also will expand to the Northshore market this month.

    Despite the availability of other craft beers in Baton Rouge, Landry says there’s enough room for Urban South to make its mark.

    “The beer market overall is a like a $100 billion nationally, and craft—the small players—only have about 10% of the volume in that market,” Landry says. “Even though there seems to be a ton of breweries open, in most cases we don’t feel like we’re competing against each other.”

    According to the national Brewers Association, sales of craft brews grew about 12.8% in 2015. That same year, the craft beer market nationally was valued at $22.3 billion.

    Urban South Brewery’s growth has been rapid. The brewery celebrated its expansion New Orleans Warehouse District just seven months after making its debut, according to published reports.

    It’s on track to meeting its goal of producing 3,000 barrels of beer in its first year, says Landry, who anticipates Urban South brewing around 2,950 barrels by its first anniversary on March 27.  

    —Alexandria Burris

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