NASA to allow private citizens to fly to International Space Station

    If you’ve got a spare $50 million lying around and enjoy traveling to exotic locales, then NASA has a deal for you.

    The space agency plans to allow private citizens to fly to the International Space Station while also opening the orbiting laboratory to more commercial interests, including filming advertisements.

    Vacationing or working in space won’t come cheap. NASA plans to charge citizens an estimated $50 million for seat, plus an additional $35,000 per night to cover food, storage and communication costs. Just for laughs, think of it this way: For a family of four, visiting for five days, that comes to a tidy $200,700,000.

    While NASA is touting the offer as a way to help fund its ambitious plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, The Washington Post reports it’s unclear how much the agency stands to make under the policy.

    The announcement is a significant change for the agency, which has had a long-standing prohibition against allowing tourists on the station. The agency says it could have made about $100 billion in additional revenue over its life span if it had allowed private astronauts to travel to the space station. Russia, however, has allowed several private astronauts on the station.

    Under the NASA plan, as many as two private citizens per year could fly to the station and stay for up to 30 days with the first mission coming as early as next year. Read the full story.

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