Louisiana receives high marks for policies in commercial and industrial construction industry

    Louisiana has been named the second best state in the country for the commercial and industrial construction industry by Associated Builders and Contractors in its new grading system.

    The scorecard, dubbed “Building America: The Merit Shop Scorecard,” was launched as a way to identify states where merit shop contractors are positioned to succeed and states where improvement is needed. It awarded the state high marks for its career and technical education programs, public-private partnerships in construction jobs and project labor agreements.

    Louisiana received A’s on all three subjects, as well as in the right to work category, while receiving a D in the four-year job growth from 2011 to 2015 and a C in workforce development incentives. The national averages were C’s and D’s in those categories.

    “The Merit Shop Scorecard will be a useful tool for lawmakers and industry stakeholders to explain how state policies affect the ability of contractors to conduct business and expand their operations,” Ben Brubeck, ABC director of Labor and Federal Procurement, says in a prepared statement. “The scorecard highlights high-performing states that have enacted policies opposing anti-competitive schemes and restrictive, cost-inflating mandates while embracing fairness in the workplace.

    “It also identifies low-performing states that have failed to foster environments where businesses can thrive, invest and create construction jobs in local communities,” he adds.

    Arizona and Virginia joined Louisiana as the highest-ranking states, while New York, New Mexico and Alaska all received poor marks. The scorecard will be updated monthly, according to a news release. See the criteria for the ranking and how other states fared.

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