Gridlock to cost Baton Rouge $3B by 2026, report says

    Traffic congestion will cost Baton Rouge an estimated $3 billion by 2026, according to the latest scorecard from transportation analytics firm INRIX.

    The worst of the city’s traffic lies along a roughly 7.7-mile stretch along Interstate 10 eastbound from College Drive to Port Allen Lock. That alone is estimated to cost Baton Rouge $449 million by 2026, INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard says.

    Released today, the report identifies and ranks the 25 worst traffic hotspots in America.

    The rankings are determined by “impact factor,” which is based on the duration, length and frequency of traffic jams. INRIX uses impact factor to estimate economic costs at the road level and provide a metric to analyze the health of transportation networks within cities or metro areas.

    Los Angeles tops the ranking with the most gridlock, 10,385 hotspots and an estimated economic cost of $90.9 billion. Baton Rouge is No. 24, with 1,090 traffic hotspots.

    “Many cities are calling for increased transportation infrastructure spending to fix ailing roads, bridges and transit networks,” Bob Pishue, INRIX senior economist, says in a statement. “By identifying traffic hotspots and analyzing their root causes, cities can effectively combat congestion and maximize present and future investments.”

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