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FMOL wants to raise our ‘health esteem’

A new statewide outreach campaign encouraging Louisiana’s population to raise its “health esteem” begins airing this week on TV stations and social media platforms, courtesy of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, or FMOL.

The healthcare network, which operates five major hospitals around the state—including Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge—is launching the campaign in an effort to improve health outcomes and increase wellness in a state notorious for having some of the highest incidents of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer in the nation.

“It’s really about changing the conversation,” said FMOL CEO Michael McBride, following comments today to the Baton Rouge Rotary Club. “It’s about saying, we can all try.”

As systems like FMOL work to bring down healthcare costs and move away from a volume-based or fee-for-service model of care to a value- or outcome-based model, it’s important to engage the population in the discussion, he said.

It’s also a way to increase brand awareness for the FMOL system, which faces increased competition around the state from institutions like Ochsner, which is aggressively moving into Baton Rouge and other markets.

“Over time, we are going to take the risk for the cost of peoples’ health in Louisiana,” he said. “So it is in our best interest for Louisiana to be healthier.”

The campaign, produced by the Nashville-based agency Revive Health, has cost about $300,000 so far, but that figure will increase as the campaign is scheduled to run indefinitely. For now its message is simple and encourages people to “take the first step to raise your health esteem.”

“It could be to take your dog for more walks, attend a financial wellness seminar, get up from your desk more at work, or take the stairs,” the campaign suggests on its website. “Share your goal with friends and challenge them to raise their health esteem.”

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