Mark Zuckerberg stops in Baton Rouge for some BBQ

    Baton Rouge was the latest stop on Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s road trip across the south. The billionaire social media mogul and his wife, Priscilla Chan, were spotted today eating at Smokin Aces BBQ at 2504 Government St. in Mid City.

    Entrepreneur and dancer Roxi Victorian—who was in the mood for barbecue as well after finishing a day of work—spotted Zuckerberg and his wife seated at a table with three others.

    “I walked up and thought, ‘That looks a lot like Mark Zuckerberg,’” she says. Victorian was on the phone with her mother at the time. She says she walked past him, spotted a friend standing in line and two discussed whether her suspicions were correct. Victorian says her friend didn’t know who Zuckerberg was, but still offered to approach the Facebook CEO to let him know that Victorian’s 9-year-old son, Michael Dukes-Victorian, is a fan.

    Victorian says she declined. But as she was placing her order, Victorian looked over and saw her friend strike up a conversation with Zuckerberg.

    She went over as well. Victorian says she introduced herself and told Zuckerberg that her son is a mini-programmer who speaks of topics she doesn’t usually understand. She also says she told Zuckerberg her son is obsessed with him. Nine-year-old Michael also is a fan of Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs, Victorian says.

    “It’s nuts—you don’t see people like that every day,” she says. What ensued was an exchange in which Victorian says Zuckerberg asked her about her profession, and they spoke more about her son and his love of programming. Victorian says Zuckerberg encouraged her to be a supportive mother, even if she doesn’t understand everything her son talks about. She says he also told her to remember that programming is a form of art.

    “It was not a short exchange. It was really pleasant,” says Victorian, who managed to snap a picture with Zuckerberg. Victorian posted the photo to her Facebook page and plans to show Michael when she sees him later today.

    Read more about Zuckerberg’s trip across the south and the nation, and check out Business Report’s Entrepreneur profile on Victorian.

    —Alexandria Burris

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