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Baton Rouge succulent shop uses Instagram to ‘build hype’ for plants

Taking inspiration from regional breweries that tease new craft beer releases on social media, Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Co. on Highland Road, says she tries to “build hype” for her plants on Instagram and Facebook.

“I can honestly say I wouldn’t have a business if not for Instagram,” says Fransen.

Fransen regularly posts online about rare plants she gets in the shop. “Within minutes, people will call with their credit card information wanting me to reserve plants for them,” she says.

Fransen’s Baton Rouge Succulent Co. started as a pop-up shop frequenting local events such as Mid City Makers Market and Baton Rouge Brunch Fest. After garnering over 4,000 followers on Instagram, she started stocking succulents and cacti in the courtyard of her other business, Frameworks Gallery.

With only a banner hanging outside of her frame shop advertising the succulent plant selection, Fransen says all of her initial business came from word-of-mouth on social media. After a few months, she says it became clear there was a demand in Baton Rouge for a freestanding succulent shop, which she opened in January on Highland Road down the street from Frameworks Gallery.

“Everyone who came found me on social media,” Fransen says. “I didn’t advertise anywhere else.”

Fransen also pairs up with local artists, such as Meghan Daniel with Crybaby Cross Stitch, to host workshops at the shop. The events help drive plant sales at her shop and she estimates she sells an extra $200 to $300 worth of plants on event days.

“The events builds hype,” Fransen says. “It keeps people coming in the shops.”

Fransen isn’t alone in focusing her advertising efforts online.

In August, Baton Rouge boutique Blu Spero moved its distribution center from its store in the Jefferson Plaza development near Towne Center to a 9,800-square-foot space in Metrocenter II on Industriplex Boulevard to accommodate their growing sales from social media.

Owner Stacie Lancaster told Daily Report the boutique boosted online sales by 1,000% since ramping up its social media efforts on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram has been gaining popularity since it was introduced in 2010. More than 1 billion accounts use Instagram every month, according to the social media platform, and 80% of accounts follow a business.


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