Baton Rouge firm to expand site of proposed Cameron Parish LNG export facility

    Baton Rouge-based G2 LNG announced today that it intends to add 500 acres to the site of its proposed $11 billion Cameron Parish LNG export facility to meet the demand for petrochemicals in addition to LNG.

    According to a news release, the addition means the facility would cover 1,266 acres along the Calcasieu Ship Channel, approximately three miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

    The expansion “is in direct response to our customers’ increasing demands for both LNG and petrochemicals,” G2 LNG chairman and former Gov. “Buddy” Roemer says in a prepared statement. “We are excited to exercise this land option, increase our overall footprint and move forward with one of the largest overall projects the state of Louisiana has ever seen.”

    Clair Marceaux, Cameron Parish’s economic development director and director of the Cameron Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District, says the project “will provide thousands of construction jobs, opportunities for vendors from our local communities and hundreds of well-paying permanent jobs.”

    Thomas Hudson, G2 LNG president, says there are significant benefits to locating LNG and petrochemical exporters at the same site.

    “Natural gas exists at a lower cost along the Gulf Coast than any other location in America and, at the same time, quality locations along the coast are becoming harder for project developers to find,” he says. “We’re pleased to offer a ‘total supply package’ when it comes to both energy and petrochemical exports.”

    G2 LNG announced in late 2015 its plans to build the facility, which would export about 15.4 million tons of LNG Per year. The project is expected to create 250 jobs, paying about $85,000 per year, and roughly 3,500 construction jobs.

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