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‘225 Dine:’ What’s new around LSU  

The area surrounding LSU is experiencing a burst of development and new retail space, meaning, as 225 Dine details in its latest newsletter, there is a plethora of new restaurants getting ready to serve the university’s population—and those willing to travel close to campus this time of year.

Here is a roundup of some budding areas to check out during your next visit to the LSU area:

At the intersection of Burbank and Lee Drives

  • Atomic Burger—The New-Orleans burger joint is housing its second location in Baton Rouge. Construction is slated to begin any day now, with the restaurant expected to open in late 2018 or early 2019.
  • Rouses Market—The Louisiana supermarket is set to house its fourth Baton Rouge location within Arlington Marketplace. The store is planning to open sometime this fall.
  • Finbomb Sushi Burritos and Poke Bowls—Poke, ramen and sushi Finbomb Sushi Burritos and Poke Bowls. The restaurant will be next to Rouses in Arlington Marketplace, and is expected to open during the second week of October.
  • Jabby’s Pizza—The Baton Rouge made-to-order pizza restaurant is expanding closer to campus and is set to open by this December or January 2019.
  • Dat Dog—Dat Dog’s colorful atmosphere and gourmet hot dogs are expected to arrive sometime around late fall in Arlington Marketplace.
  • Sombrero’s—Sombrero’s is a Mexican restaurant group out of Alexandria with four existing locations throughout Louisiana. The restaurant is expected to open late fall.

At LSU’s Nicholson Gateway development

  • Matherne’s Market—The family-owned market focusing on fresh and specialty food products is expected to open within the next couple of weeks.
  • Frutta Bowls—Frutta Bowls is a nationwide chain serving acai bowls, smoothies and much more. The health joint is expected to open sometime in September.
  • Wendy’s—The fast food giant is expected to open in Nicholson Gateway in September.
  • Starbucks—The coffee shop is expected to open in September.

LSU North Gates

  • Krab Queenz—The seafood and daiquiri joint opened off State Street in March.
  • City Slice Pints & Pies—City Slice from the City Pork family opened this week off West Chimes Street.

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