11 of 12 Baton Rouge police chief candidates advance to next round in hiring process

    The pool of candidates vying to be Baton Rouge’s next police chief was cut by one, with 11 of the 12 applicants passing the required civil service exam.

    Mayor Sharon Weston Broome says, in a statement, she’s confident Baton Rouge’s next police chief is in the remaining candidate pool.

    They are: Shawn Caldwell, Myron Daniels, Sharon Douglas, Richard Harrell, Darryl Honore, Jeremy Kent, Mark Kraus, Robert McGarner, Paul Murphy, Ronald Stevens, and Samuel Wyatt. Riley Harbor III did not score high enough for the position, which requires a 75 on the exam.

    Going forward, a search committee put together by Broome will hold an organizational meeting on Thursday, Nov. 9, and then begin the process of interviewing the candidates and reviewing their applications. The group will ultimately recommend five finalists, with Broome making the final decision.

    The next chief will replace former Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr., who announced his retirement in July. Broome campaigned on replacing him.

    “As mayor-president, my intent is to choose a chief who can best lead our men and women of the BRPD and can best establish trust between all of our citizens and our officers,” her statement says.

    Broome’s search committee includes Julie Baxter, Jan Bernard, Jennifer Carwile, Don Cazayoux, Councilman LaMont Cole, Pastor Errol Domingue, Pastor Tommie Gipson, Walt Green, Cordell Haymon, Pat LeDuff, Rep. Ted James, Ernest Johnson, Melissa Thompson, and Councilwoman Tara Wicker.

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