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CAA reports increase in dog and cat survival rate; asks Metro Council for higher fees

Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge announced this morning it has increased its dog and cat save rate by 24 percentage points since 2013, with 74% of the animals now surviving their shelter experience. At the same time, the CAA will be asking the Metro Council to OK an approximately 43% increase in the city-parish's pet registration fees at the council meeting this evening. In an item proposed by Councilman Chandler Loupe, the nonprofit is requesting that the city-parish increase the registration fee for spayed and neutered animals from $7 to $10 and the fee for those not spayed or neutered from $14 to $20. The fees have not increased since 2008, CAA board chair Christel Slaughter says. While CAA doesn't currently receive funding from registration fees, she says, revenue generated by the proposed increases would go to the organization. The nonprofit currently receives approximately $590,000 from the city-parish general fund, Slaughter says, and it last

BREC's trouble spots: Golf and the Baton Rouge Zoo

BREC's golf courses and the Baton Rouge Zoo will complete their own strategic plans this year, separate from the systemwide Imagine Your Parks II plan underway now.

Amanda Vincent

When Amanda Vincent was first asked to "put on a dog prom," she felt it was too crazy a concept to turn down.

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