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La. population hits all-time high

At 4,625,460 residents as of July last year, Louisiana's population has reached an all-time high, according to new U.S. Census Bureau figures released by Gov. Bobby Jindal's office. The population figures also show Louisiana in 2013 continued—for the sixth straight year—to see a net in-migration of residents to the state. The resident count as of last summer surpasses the previous high, set in July 2005, by more than 48,000 people. According to the release from Jindal's office, total in-migration for the year ending July 1, 2013, exceeded 4,200 people. The state's population growth rate is approximately 15.5% faster than the U.S. population growth rate over the last six years. "The bottom line is that for the past six years in a row, more people have been moving into Louisiana than moving out," Jindal says in a press release. "Economic development has been our top priority since day one. These latest numbers from the U.S. Census provide yet another indication that...

Rise up for water

Under East Baton Rouge Parish flows some of the best drinking water in the U.S. The residents of Baton Rouge are fortunate not to be dependent on the Mississippi River for their drinking water.

A promising outlook

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber held its annual Economic Outlook briefing this month, reviewing the current state of the Capital Region economy, where it has been, and where it might be going.

Report: La. unemployment likely higher than official reports

A new report released by the left-leaning Louisiana Budget Project this morning doesn't exactly paint a rosy picture for Louisiana workers. The "State of Working Louisiana 2013" says while "workers are more productive than ever," their typical pay is just 1% higher today than it was in 1979. "The Louisiana economy is working well for big corporations, but these gains are not always filtering down to their workers," LBP Director Jan Moller says in a news release accompanying the report. "Most workers are seeing no increase in take-home pay, even though they're working harder and smarter than ever before." The report also points out that while the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped from 7.9% to 7.4% between January and July, Louisiana's rate has gone from 5.9% to 7%. "Louisiana's labor market is likely weaker than the official unemployment rate suggests, as a smaller percentage of adults are working than before the recession," the report says. "This indicates that many working-age...

Louisiana's lost generations

Like a lot of people, real estate appraiser Lance Mills left Louisiana in the late 1980s, when oil prices tanked, commercial real state collapsed, the economy went to hell and jobs disappeared. He was a young man at the time, with three small children and a fledgling real estate data company that kept him busy working close to 80 hours a week.

EBR population shows signs of aging

The average person who calls East Baton Rouge Parish home is a little bit younger than the average American, but that doesn't mean the local population isn't showing signs of aging. According to recently released U.S. Census Bureau data from 2012, the median age in the parish increased to 32.9 years in July 2012, up from 32.8 in 2011 and from 32.6 in 2010. As a whole, the nation's median age stood at 37.4 years in 2012, up from 37.2 in 2010. Those between 25 and 44 years old are the most populous age demographic in East Baton Rouge Parish, at 26.6% of the 444,526 people living here. The 45 to 64 demographic is the second-largest, at 24.3%, followed by the under 18 crowd, at 23%; those 18 to 24 constitute 14.6% of the population; and those 65 and older, 11.5%. As Governing magazine reports in its analysis of the data, most states and regions across the country have seen the median age of their population gradually climb as baby boomers begin to retire. More than 43 million...