The Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish has come out against a proposal to shrink the local school board from its current 11 members, saying such a reduction could lead to “unnecessary turmoil and confusion.” What do you think?

Dates: Jul 22, 2014 to Jul 23, 2014
Total Votes: 689

Do you want lawmakers to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which provides U.S. exporters with billions in financing to sell their products and compete in the global marketplace?

Dates: Jul 21, 2014 to Jul 22, 2014
Total Votes: 544

The Taxi Cab Control Board says ridesharing app company Uber has been operating illegally in Baton Rouge since it began operations a week ago, as it has not obtained necessary permits and approvals. What do you think?

Dates: Jul 18, 2014 to Jul 21, 2014
Total Votes: 764

The LSU Tigers have been picked by media members to finish third in the SEC West this football season. What do you think?

Dates: Jul 17, 2014 to Jul 18, 2014
Total Votes: 944

What did you think of the PBS documentary "Separate and Unequal," which aired Tuesday evening and examines the effort to incorporate a new city of St. George?

Dates: Jul 16, 2014 to Jul 17, 2014
Total Votes: 947

Do you want the Metro Council to adopt an ordinance on July 23 barring discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation?

Dates: Jul 15, 2014 to Jul 16, 2014
Total Votes: 892

Now that Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has rejected a compromise put forth by BESE and Superintendent of Education John White on the Common Core controversy, do you think the issue will wind up in court?

Dates: Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 15, 2014
Total Votes: 823

Do you think a priest should ever be compelled to repeat what he's heard in a confessional booth?

Dates: Jul 11, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014
Total Votes: 994

Do you expect LSU or L'Auberge Casino & Hotel to request to be annexed into the City of Baton Rouge?

Dates: Jul 10, 2014 to Jul 11, 2014
Total Votes: 850

Do you think 'The Advocate' has become a better publication since John Georges purchased the newspaper about a year ago?

Dates: Jul 09, 2014 to Jul 10, 2014
Total Votes: 1151

The U.S. has surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's leading producer of petroleum. There's pressure to sell more oil to other countries even though the U.S. still imports more than half its petroleum. What do you think of oil exports?

Dates: Jul 08, 2014 to Jul 09, 2014
Total Votes: 885

Do your tipping habits change when you're on vacation?

Dates: Jul 07, 2014 to Jul 08, 2014
Total Votes: 962

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board recently voted not to extend Superintendent Bernard Taylor’s contract past its expiration in June 2015, but left open the possibility of seeking an extension later. What do you think the board should do?

Dates: Jul 03, 2014 to Jul 07, 2014
Total Votes: 666

Do the recent shootings on Bourbon Street make you any less likely to visit the French Quarter?

Dates: Jul 02, 2014 to Jul 03, 2014
Total Votes: 1020

How do you feel about Rep. Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, and former Gov. Edwin Edwards running for congress in Louisiana this fall?

Dates: Jul 01, 2014 to Jul 02, 2014
Total Votes: 962

AAA estimates 41 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles or more this Independence Day weekend, with 85% of travelers taking to the highway. Do you plan on hitting the road this holiday weekend?

Dates: Jun 30, 2014 to Jul 01, 2014
Total Votes: 915

What do you think of Gov. Bobby Jindal's suggestion to LSU officials that they erect a statue of Pete Maravich outside the assembly center named for him on the Baton Rouge campus?

Dates: Jun 27, 2014 to Jun 30, 2014
Total Votes: 1063

Are you taking time off today to watch the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup match?

Dates: Jun 26, 2014 to Jun 27, 2014
Total Votes: 762

President Obama is using his authority to bypass a decades-old congressional ban on U.S. oil exports and allow limited amounts of oil to be sold to foreign buyers. What do you think?

Dates: Jun 25, 2014 to Jun 26, 2014
Total Votes: 923

Should the Metro Council approve a resolution that invites transportation and rideshare companies to begin doing business in Baton Rouge?

Dates: Jun 24, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014
Total Votes: 783

Do you have the recommended equivalent of six months' worth of readily available savings to cover emergency expenses in case of a lost job or other difficulties?

Dates: Jun 23, 2014 to Jun 24, 2014
Total Votes: 1036

Do you think the city-parish should donate surplus properties to nonprofit and redevelopment organizations or sell them to the highest bidder?

Dates: Jun 20, 2014 to Jun 23, 2014
Total Votes: 772

The Metro Council will once again consider a proposal to ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the workplace, at public accommodations and when seeking housing. Do you think it will pass this time around?

Dates: Jun 19, 2014 to Jun 20, 2014
Total Votes: 788

New rules proposed by the EPA would require Louisiana power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. What do you think?

Dates: Jun 18, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014
Total Votes: 797

What do you expect the Metro Council to do at a special hearing set for Wednesday regarding Parish Attorney Mary Roper's job?

Dates: Jun 17, 2014 to Jun 18, 2014
Total Votes: 705