Yellow Cab to debut new credit card app next week

Yellow Cab is preparing to roll out a new version of its mobile app that will encrypt and store passengers’ credit card information, thus enabling them to pay fares directly from their phones or mobile devices. Yellow Cab manager Keith Wyckoff says the app has been in the works for some time and is the fourth version of an app the cab company has been using since July 2013.

“Customers have been asking for it and it just took a little while to make it happen because I’m a stickler for security,” Wyckoff says.

The new app will debut next week and will make Yellow Cab more competitive with Uber, which brought its UberX ridesharing service to Baton Rouge this summer. At the time, Wyckoff and other cabbies were critical of Uber for skirting regulations that govern taxi and limousine companies, even as elected officials, business leaders and a frustrated community were welcoming the ridesharing company to the market.

Wycoff declined to comment on the effect Uber has had on his business, except to say it has been minimal. He concedes, however, it has taken a bite out of his nightly bar business, both downtown and in the LSU area. —Stephanie Riegel

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