Kolache Kitchen to take concept to Bocage with second restaurant on Jefferson

Will Edwards, who launched Kolache Kitchen about two years ago with a restaurant near the LSU campus on Nicholson Drive, plans to bring his concept to the Bocage neighborhood next spring. Edwards is finalizing a five-year lease for the 1,250-square-foot space that Popeye’s recently vacated at 7930 Jefferson Highway, next to the Bocage LA Rouge Mart convenience store.

“I’m hoping for an opening around March,” says Edwards, a Houston native and LSU graduate. “I’m not going to rush it. I want to give myself enough time to really do this right.”

The first Kolache Kitchen opened in January 2013 at 4245 Nicholson Drive. Edwards says he first began thinking about a second location earlier this spring, when the business was taking off and he had established a solid team of employees who could oversee most of the operations at the restaurant. He says sales at the original restaurant are up about 40% this year over first-year sales.

Edwards says both the analytical and hard data he has show Bocage to be a good fit for his second location.

“We get asked a lot from people in that area, ‘When are you coming over to our side of town?’ A lot of them just find it really hard to make it over to the LSU area,” Edwards says. “And once we began looking at some of the ZIP code data from our credit card merchants, we found that a lot of our customers were coming over from the Mid City and Bocage areas.”

The second Kolache Kitchen location will be about 650 square feet smaller than the original, but Edwards says the layout is better.

“It has a larger kitchen and the layout is much more open, which is more conducive to my business concept,” says Edwards, who estimates about 75% of his customers either take their order to go or get it at the drive thru.

Edwards also plans to expand his menu beyond breakfast at the new location and to stay open for lunch. The original location is currently open from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“I’ve always felt I haven’t been taking full advantage of the space I lease,” he says. “So, I’ve got some friends in the industry and some consultants, and we’re looking at creating a lunch menu—five to seven sandwiches and some salads. I’ve already got the clientele, and I feel like they’ll give it a shot.” —Steve Sanoski

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