Carter announces run for House Speaker, forms PAC

State Rep. Steve Carter has decided to seek the position of Speaker of the House next year, assuming he is re-elected this fall to the District 68 seat in East Baton Rouge Parish that he has held since 2007. The Republican lawmaker says he is very interested in the position and has formed a political action committee to help build support for his speaker candidacy among fellow House members.

“You don’t have to form a PAC to run for speaker, but it helps,” Carter says. “You’re not trying to buy the election, but you are trying to help people get re-elected so you can build a coalition of those who have like interests and all share the same priorities.”

More than three-fourth of House members—90—are up for re-election this fall, including Carter. Traditionally, the governor in Louisiana has a strong say in the House leadership, including the powerful Speaker’s position.

By generating his own support among House members, however, Carter could theoretically build enough support for his candidacy that the next governor’s preference would not have as much sway over who gets chosen for the post.

For now, Carter says he’s just trying to develop relationships in the House. He acknowledges others have also expressed an interest in running for Speaker, including Reps. Chris Broadwater, R-Baton Rouge, and Cameron Henry, R-Metairie.

—Stephanie Riegel

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