Village Charmant, 11375 Reiger Road, Capstone Construction Co., contractors; $478,000 for new four-plex townhouse; 9,760 square feet.

Destiny Interest, 4021 West E. Heck Court; Cypress Bayou Properties, contractor; one-story office building shell; 2,922 square feet.

Louisiana Cutting, 4165 Jeffrey Drive; Haddad Construction, contractor; $110,000 for storage building; 5,625 square feet.

Tam Bao Temple, 975 Monterrey Blvd.; Sky Van, contractor; $75,000 for pagoda; 278 square feet.

Dunham School, 1111 Roy Emerson Drive; Dupre Construction, contractor; $20,000 for new storage facility with covered porch; 1,172 square feet.

Verizon Wireless, 8182 Airline Hwy.; J.E. Crain & Son, contractor; $3,000,000 for new structure; 840 square feet.

Capitol City Family Health Center, 3140 Florida St.; MBD, contractor; $269,600 to remodel family health center; 5,600 square feet.

Tipton and Associates, 1500 Main St.; Charles Carter and Rennie Carter, contractors; $250,000 to remodel business offices; 1,000 square feet.

Pinnacle Training Center, 9327 Burbank Drive; contractor unavailable; $131,000 interior renovation for training classroom; 4,009 square feet.

Rodeo Boutique, 4350 Highland Road, Suite C; Haddad Construction, contractor; $120,000 remodeling of suite; 2,326 square feet.

Jefferson Baptist Church, 9135 Jefferson Hwy.; contractor unavailable; $100,000 to remodel building; 5,500 square feet.

Mall of Louisiana, 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd.; McInnis Builders, contractors; $80,000 for interior renovation; 4,507 square feet.

Buckhead Business Center, 4545 Sherwood Commons Blvd.; Haddad Construction, contractors; $25,000 for remodeling of suite; 4,053 square feet.

DSW Shoes, 9330 Mall of Louisiana Blvd.; contractor unavailable; $20,000 for remodeling; 15,096 square feet.

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