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Back about 6 months ago, I sat down with then editor Tom Guarisco and Jeff Roedel and talked about blogging for 225 Magazine. There was no real timeline and in fact no real plan other than, "Maybe do some videos." "You travel for work, document some of this," and so on. Then in a flash, Tom changed jobs, Jeff took over, and I had an appointment for a photo shoot and I needed to name my blog. I mean my name is Patrick Fellows? Is that a worthy name (no, it is not, by the way). When I spoke to Erin about the shoot, she said "You are the fitness blogger, where should we do fitnessy shots?" I was a fitness blogger? Wow. Things move fast.

I thought the first entry into this blog should be me giving you my ample (scant) background on all things fitness, but then as I started typing, this seemed incredibly lame. I'll tell you my story for sure, but to start out all high and mighty would be a tad narcissistic at the least, and probably very douchey in all other circumstances (can I say douchey?). So instead, I thought I'd tell you a little about where I came from, as I think it will allow you to read further without thinking I am some sort of insane person.

I come from a long line of hunters and outdoorsmen, although factually I spent most of the years between 1989 and 2000 drinking, smoking and generally being about as unfit as possible. I played in a band and was going to be a rock star (a solid career path for sure) and would at one time have smoked cigarettes one after another from when I awoke until I went to bed, had it been sociably acceptable. I drank so much Diet Coke that I got a Circle K tattoo. Seriously. In a day I could drink three to six 44 oz Thirstbusters, and knew the names of at the least 10 Circle K clerks (Betty on State St. was my girl!). I am not telling you any of this to brag, but if you met me now, you may not think it possible that the person I just describe existed. He did. Thankfully I either hit my head or knocked some sort of sense into myself on a fateful snowboarding accident in March of 2000.

My then-girlfriend and now-wife went on a ski trip, and on March 17th 2000, I went down Dollar Mountain in Ketchum, ID. The bunny hill. I had been snowboarding a total of 1 hour and 23 minutes when I caught an edge on some ice and went down hard. Think catching the front of a kneeboard water skiing. SLAM! 4th degree shoulder separation and an appointment with an orthopedist upon my return. 2 pins, a surgery, and twelve weeks later I am 200+ lbs. and can only lift my arm about eight inches to the side and about twelve inches front. Enter rehab.

Now this blog will focus a lot on fitness, but if you are looking for weightlifting and gym rat stuff, then we'll have to work through those adventures together. I loathe the gym. Rewind back to 2000 and now I am stuck in a gym lifting 3 pound weights and wishing I could do a sport or activity. After a month or so, I decided I was getting into the pool and would rehab that way. I grew up swimming so this was a logical move. Around the same time, a fraternity brother of mine sees me in a spinning class and says, "Dude, you can swim? You would kill in triathlons." One small issue. I had never run. Long story short, I began running, started riding more, quit going out 7 nights a week (after a very rough 7 mile run on 2 hours sleep) and became a triathlete.

So what does this disjointed story have to do with anything? It's simple really. I am saying quite simply, that if I can get fit, you can get fit. Period. I am not a superhuman, I am not insane (debatable), and I am not a former collegiate super star that has taken the next step in a life long line of athletic overachievement. I am a regular guy, who figured out that healthy and fit makes me and most people in the universe, better on some level. It builds confidence. It makes you healthier. It can inspire others. It makes your kids healthier. It teaches you that anything is possible.

This blog is going to be fun. I will get into more of the fun in the next post, but here is a snippet of what we will cover. Trail running, feats of strength, my weakling muscles, breath holding, music, David Blaine-like hijinks, healthy cooking, life hacks and cheats, and recaps of my adventures. I want you to be able to "live through this." "This" being life's adventures that are right under your nose. Maybe it will challenge what you think is possible and hopefully get you to take a step towards a healthier, happier life.

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