LaPolitics by Maginnis: One reform package deflects focus from another

LaPolitics by Maginnis: One reform package deflects focus from another

While legislators say most constituent feedback concerns proposed controversial retirement system changes, most of what they are hearing from Gov. Bobby Jindal's office is about his education agenda. The governor's large education package will be contained in only four bills, according to Education Committee Chairman Steve Carter, R-Baton Rouge, who says they will be filed by the Friday deadline; after then, each legislator can file only five bills. "I assume [the administration] will try to get them out as soon as they can," Carter says. Whether planned that way or not, legislators say Jindal's release of his pension reform plan has sparked the most public opposition but also has deflected controversy from the education plan.

—Rep. Patrick Williams, D-Shreveport, went to Washington, D.C., Thursday to talk to Democratic officials about running for Congress in the Fourth District against GOP Congressman John Fleming, who is the state party's priority target this year. Williams says he will ask for any financial help the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee can provide. "There is no sense in getting in and not having the funds," he added. He may be disappointed in that the DCCC tends to offer viable candidates help to finish campaigns rather than to start them. For that, Williams or some other Democrat would look to state party Chairman Buddy Leach's help in raising early money.

They said it:: "We're about to throw deep. We only have a little bitty football, but we're going to throw deep." —Former Gov. Buddy Roemer on pursuing presidential nominations from Americans Elect and the Reform Party, in The Times-Picayune

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Today’s poll question: Are you more interested in Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposed retirement reforms or education overhaul?

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