Scott Innes out at WYNK

Scott Innes out at WYNK

After 15 years at the station, on-air radio personality Scott Innes has been let go from WYNK Country 101.5 FM by station owner Clear Channel Radio, and his radio show has been canceled.

"I walked in today, was given my release and led out the door," Innes says. "It did not catch me by surprise. I knew this was coming. For a few years, I've felt a little stifled. But don't get me wrong; I had some great times at WYNK, I'm going to miss everyone there and I wish them the best of luck."

Innes could not confirm rumors that other Baton Rouge radio personalities at Clear Channel stations have also been fired.

"I don't even know what the real deal is. What I'm hearing from third parties is that Clear Channel, across the board, is releasing a lot of afternoon people in markets across the country," he says.

Clear Channel spokeswoman Wendy Goldberg would not discuss any personnel matters at the company's five Baton Rouge stations. Goldberg simply says Clear Channel is "launching a new strategy for our regional market radio stations that will improve local programming in smaller markets by using assets and resources in those markets that their competitors don't have."

"It reflects new approaches to programming, talent, technology and other valuable resources—based on Clear Channel's most effective and efficient stations. We looked at all our regional market stations with a fresh eye to determine how we could respond to the challenges of the marketplace," Goldberg says.

Innes, also known as the voice of cartoon character Scooby-Doo, calls today "one of the best days of my life." He says he's already received a number of offers from radio stations around the country, but adds he will take some time to decide what's next in his career.

"I'm going to be back, and I really hope I can maintain a radio presence here because I love Baton Rouge. But right now I don't know what's going to happen," says Innes, whose show aired from 3 to 7 p.m. "I'm telling everyone to grab a box of Scoobie Snacks and an ice cold Coca-Cola and stay tuned, because every dog has his day and my best days are yet to come."

Clear Channel Radio owns 850 radio stations in 150 cities across the U.S. Its Baton Rouge stations include WYNK, The River 96.1 FM, WFMF 102.5 FM, WJBO NewsRadio 1150 AM and The Score 1210 AM.

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