Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Director of international sales and business development, PreSonus Audio Electronics

It's not often that a desk job doubles as a ticket around the world. But for Mark Williams, a knack for salesmanship, an aptitude for multiple languages, an affinity for sound equipment, and international travel come together at PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc., where he's the director of international sales and business development. Williams's father and mentor, Thurmon Williams, was a traveling salesman for Sears, instilling a love for travel in Williams at a young age when the family moved to Madrid.

Williams' 13 years with PreSonus gives a whole new meaning to "traveling salesman" in a global economy. The Baton Rouge-based company sells software and hardware for home and high-end recording studios around the globe.

"Because of where customers are situated, it doesn't stop," Williams says.

Maps of the world blanket Williams' office. Pins protrude from seemingly every country, illustrating Williams' success in creating PreSonus' vast international business network.

Forgive him if his largest map also sports a bumper sticker from his alma mater, the University of Alabama, afloat in the Atlantic Ocean. Williams' heart is in Louisiana, and he brings that cultural flare to his customers through care packages filled with Voodoo Barbeque Zapp's and Cajun seasonings.

Williams says his biggest accomplishment at PreSonus has been his ability to grow the company while balancing work and travel with spending time with his wife and five children.

"I love working with people from every corner of the globe," he says, "and working with this equipment is something I enjoy for recreation in my free time as well."

Mentor: His father, Thurmon Williams
Age: 39
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Education: Bachelor in communication, University of Alabama. Master in communication, ULM.

Who is your mentor or inspiration for your business/professional life? What is the most important thing you've learned from them?
Probably my dad, Thurmon Williams. His favorite saying was "Can't never could." If go into something saying that you can't do it, you never will be able to do it.

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